Cake Decorating - Trends for 2016

In the stakes of cake decorating 2015 was a big year. The rise of pastel hues, sombre effects and the naked cake phenomenon set the bar high. It seemed last year as though cake decorating couldn’t get any bigger, but we have a feeling it really can. We’re now a month into the year and predictions have been made across the industry. We had a good scout around, read all the articles and done a little more research to produce for you this:

The predicted trends of 2016.

Water colour

I’m going to put my neck on the line here and say straight up that this is going to be the biggest trend of the year. Slowly coming to the fore throughout the backend of last year this style of decoration combines our apparent love of pastels and chic lines. It is seemingly easy to achieve and doesn’t just stop at being created purely by sponge (I’ve heard on the grapevine that a makeup foundation application sponge creates the best effect – a new, clean one obviously!) but goes as far as becoming a work of art on a delicious canvas. Think Monet on chiffon!

The Dribble

This is a style that comes from across the pond. Currently huge in America this style of decorating has been made more famous by Katherine Sabbath, an Australian cake designer. Her neon colours and unique designs promote little more than sugar induced comas but it the most gloriously presented way. This style, once again, is seemingly simple to achieve but I would hazard a guess that it’s a little more complicated!

Chocolate Art

Chocolate is making a comeback. With business’ like Choccywoccydoodah on the scene it’s easy to see why. A chocolate cake covered in chocolate then decorating in chocolate? Where do I sign?! Unfortunately chocolate took a back seat following the rise of sugar paste. The colours on offer top trumped the classic. But it’s coming back, in all its natural glory.

Flower Art

Flowers on cake has been an evolving trend. Starting with real flowers, transitioning to edible flowers then onto sugar paste. Now? Now it’s all about buttercream flowers. French patisseries having been busy making piping flowers look easy and there are armies of bakers out there ready and raring to take up the challenge.

What do you think to these predictions? And, have you ever given one a go?


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Chocolate cake:

Chocolate flower cake:

Dribble Cake:

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Buttercream flower cake:

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Watercolour cake:

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