Christmas Desserters!

Christmas is the time for traditions. Whether traditional or odd family traditions that have been picked up over time, they are what makes the festive season. From putting mince pies and rum out for Santa to family treasure hunts around the house, traditions make up 50% of the day and that is only because the other 50% is taken up by snoozing in front of the TV, which is a tradition in itself!

The most vital of all traditions revolves around food. Or they do in my house! If you’re anything like me your traditions start early. Covering the Christmas dinner traditions is not challenge enough; Turkey or ham? Roasts or mash? Sprouts or no sprouts? Once you’ve survived the minefield of dinner you have the eternal Christmas debate: what do you bake for dessert? The pinnacle of the Christmas day meal, it’s what everyone waits for. But what do you bake?

Traditions dictate Christmas pudding, or cake if you absolutely must bend the rules, but what if you’re not a fan? Increasingly people are shunning the British traditions and are looking to our European neighbours for answers. Buche De Noel from France, Panettone from Italy, even Stollen from Germany – you could say we’ve stollen some pretty good desserts.

There are families I know that opt for totally off piste puds and turn to our cousin from across the pond adopting their pies and cheesecakes. If you’re wanting a more contemporary Christmas dessert, or you’re looking to start your own tradition take a look at some of these alternative pudding ideas:

Millionaire’s Ice Cream Bomb

Clementine Possets

Cranberry and Orange Meringue Pie

While traditions like arguments around a Monopoly board or during charades will remain steadfast there’s no harm in evolving with dessert!

We’d love to know; what are your traditions? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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