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As Christmas gets closer and 2015 is coming to a close we’re starting to look ahead to the gadgets of 2016. 2015 brought with it the rise of the spiralizer and the infamous egg cooker. We want to know; what’s in store for 2016 in the gadget stakes?

Ranging from the inexpensive time savers to the expensive, worthy of interest gadgets. Here is a list of what we think will be big this Christmas and in 2016:


Not necessarily a gadget but a life saver for this Christmas.This mould promises an easy show stopping centre piece to any Christmas meal. A show stopping gingerbread house is not one for the short of time of patience. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, especially in the assembly. That’s where this steps in. No assembly required! Just bake your cake in these moulds then decorate. Fuss free but an instant winner. You can pick them up for around £5.


This is one for the budding bread maker. It is an all in one for the bread making process. You use it to mix, to knead, prove and bake. The rugby ball shaped silicone makes for a great proofing environment. You are more or less guaranteeing a perfect rise every time. Whilst the bake is good the downside is loaf size and shape limitation. This is the perfect gadget for a budding baker, and at £30 it won’t break the bank.


Mobile technology and baking come together with this gadget. This is set to be the biggest kitchen gadget of 2016. The Drop kitchen scale connects to an iPad for easy baking. It works out measurements for you, so you can up or downscale your bakes. It gives a step by step guide and sends notifications when it's baked. You can even hook it up to your social media profiles for instant bragging. It doesn’t get more modern than that, does it? Prices for this start at around £80.


NEFF has announced that the ovens favoured on GBBO are facing a second, more exciting release. Their Slide and Hide ovens are now self-cleaning.Until recently this was a feat that was impossible. Not only that, NEFF announced that next year they will be selling domestic ovens that steam. Until now only industrial ovens have had this ability but NEFF have brought it home. Which is great news for the bread bakers amongst us. After trialling the ovens I can safely say that they are worth every penny. I could go on for hours about their air circulation. They are technologically advanced without being complicated. The German engineering guarantees ease of use and reliability. If you’re remodelling your kitchen I would definitely recommend looking at one of these. Prices start at around £850.

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