If you're a Baker, Great Food Producer, Vintage or Craft Seller and would like to exhibit at the festival contact us HERE

Previous festivals have appeared in various media outlets see below:


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Sponsors, large and small, provide vital support to the Festival and it would be impossible to operate without them. If you value the Festival, please reciprocate by considering them when placing your business.

Our aims are -

1. To bring in some of the best producers and latest products but to pay homage to the past traditions of baking hence the vintage twist.
2. Use baking as the focus for a festival that will also include vintage, craft makers, live music and good old family fun.

If you would like to offer sponsorship (which can be in financial or practical terms) please do not hesitate to contact us HERE​

You can
1. Sponsor an individual event or demonstration
2. Support the festival via donations of product
3. Become a festival partner
4. Become a festival patron
5. Sponsor a venue
6. Sponsor an area e.g. children's baking


We're always looking for volunteers who love Baking, Music, Vintage and Fun so Contact us HERE if you would like to come on board.