13th - 14th August 2016

As part of the Bakewell Baking Festival, Lord and Lady Edward Manners are offering festival ticket holders a special discounted entry rate of 50% off for the weekend only.*

* By proof of attending show to Haddon ticket office.


Visit Haddon Hall during the Bakewell Baking Festival for a rare opportunity to see the Tudor bread ovens lit and breads being baked as they would have done so 400 years ago.

Visitors will have the opportunity to work with Haddon’s history experts and make the Tudor ‘trenchers’: flat found bread discs which were used as plates in the Tudor period.

The smells of baking will waft through what is one of the oldest part of Haddon Hall - the medieval kitchens - which were the hub of activity for centuries and are today one of the finest examples from the period still in existence.

There will be hands-on trencher demos and looking at the history of the pie. The importance of herbs and wildflowers in medieval times will also be explored, including swaths of herbs from Elizabethan times hanging within the kitchens and corridors, adding a myriad of wonderful scents to the rooms at Haddon.

Wander in to the stunning terrace gardens and see where Elizabethan herbs still influence the garden designs today.


Vikki Stronge, Visitor Services Manager at Haddon Hall, says: “Food is an integral part of Haddon’s history, and going so far back as medieval times, it’s a perfect link to work again with our local Baking Festival at Bakewell and give visitors the opportunity to learn about the art of baking from centuries ago. With the bread ovens lit and herbs in abundance, it’s set to be a superb experience for visitors to Haddon over this special weekend”.

For full details visit www.haddonhall.co.uk

Get baking Tudor-style at Haddon Hall